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Texas Asst AG Nick Moutos: Today’s “Bigoted Loser” Award Winner


The state of Teas provided Nick Moutos with a license in 1999 after he graduated from Texas Tech University School of Law.


Nicky is a well-known and highly disrespected QAnon conspiracy theorist who finds it acceptable to tweet out violent threats and utter racist comments.


Some of Nicki’s finest comments proving he is a dyed-in-the-wool Bigot, Trump Sycophant, Misogynist, and a Disgusting Individual are as follows


Statements about Michelle and Barack Obama

  • “I pray to meet you [Obama] on the #CivilWar2 #Battlefield.”
  • “@BarackObama Shut your moth you disgusting #TraitorousLiar and keep our husband @MichelleObama where he cannot be seen! #Jesus #2AMolonLabe #LockedLoadedReady.”

Statements about Black Lives Matter protesters and St. Louis’ Mark and Patricia McCloskey pointing weapons, he said.

  • “If they came to my neighborhood with display would seem like a “Welcome Party!” 50% #PatriotVeterans with an average of 5 #Guns each and #PlentyOfAmmo #OpenSeasononTerrorists ADK #TargetsofOpporunity #ConditionRedWeaponsFree #2A #MolonLabe.”
  • “#CivilWar2 is already here as part of the #WorldwideGlabalistRevolution. It began with the #DeepStateCoup & is now in the killing, destruction, territory seizing phase. #WeThePeople better #FightBackForAmerica NOW! An “official announcement” will never come, just #MSMDenials.”

Statements about Reps. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY)

  • She’s a “whore of Babylon” who has poked “the bear too many times.”
  • “Did@georgesoros charter them a bus? Perhaps some #ReconPatriots can find out what hotel & where they’re staying during the day. It’d be a sham if they had difficulty making it to tomorrow’s riot on time.”
  • “ArmedAndReadyVeteran,” “NoWarningShots,” and “CenterMassUntilThreatDrops.”

As a direct consequence of his disgusting comments, Nicky was fired from his job as an Assistant Attorney General for the state of Texas.


And lastly, its debatable as to whether Nicky will have his law license suspended or revoked by the enablers for Attorney Misfits sitting on the Texas Supreme Court.


It is rumored that Nicky has been applied for a job as a newscaster on the Fox News Comedy Network. And if that doesn’t pan out, its been reported that he has also applied for a job as a greeter at the Walmart Supercenter Store located 5017 W Highway 290 in Austin, Texas.

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