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Dr. James Dobson – Focus on the Family hawking family-values T-Shirts




Not satisfied with charging exorbitant (unheard of) prices for books on his Focus on the Family (aka, Focus on the Wallet) web site, as a die-in-the-wool entrepreneurial capitalist; albeit a religiously motivated one, Ol’ Jimmy expanded his business empire by hawking T-Shirts.



I must admit that I toiled long and hard by Googling my derriere off to discover the names of the designers of the T-Shirts listed below; however the search bore no fruit.  Lo and Behold, it finally dawned on me to utilize the same journalistic due diligence that award winning journalist like Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Ann “The Man” Coulter are infamous for. Therefore, I merely relied on innuendo, hearsay, rumor and just plain ol’ bullshit.
Below are a few examples of The Right Rev. James Dobson’s future offerings.

I am the Wretch - $14.99 – designer: Rep. Michelle Bachman




Trust Me - $12.99 – Designer: Bernie Madoff




Someday my Prince will come - $9.99 – designer: Rev. Ted Haggard




He loves me - $9.99 – Designer: Sen. Larry Craig  




Mount-up - $14.99 – designer: Gov. Mark Sanford




Dearly loved - $9.99 - designer: Sen. David Vitter



Cutie Pie Apple of his Eye - $9.99 – designer: Sen. John Ensign
Damn boys and girls; shopping with the Rev. James Dobson is just like shopping at TJ Maxx where ya get “the minimum for the maximum!”
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