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Donald “Small Hands Donnie” Trump’s Real Cognitive Test


This isn’t the first award and/or article presented to The Great Leader and/or article about him. In the past he has been the subject of 534 awards, 111 opinion pieces and 85 laments. For a list of the prior awards and/or articles, see the items detailed at the end of this article.


As a result of repeated questions about his mental acuity, The Great Leader responded by making the following statements about a cognitive test during a recent (ca. July 2020) interview on the Sean Hannity Comedy Show.

  • “I aced the test.”
  • “I took it at Walter Reed Medical Center in front of doctors.”  
  • “And they were very surprised.”
  • “They said, that’s an unbelievable thing.”
  • “Rarely does anybody do what you just did.”

The test that The Great Leader proudly announces that he “aced” contained the following questions.

  1. If a person is 21 on his/her birthday, how old would he/she be on their next birthday?
  2. If you are driving at 65 miles per hour and the speed limit is 55, how many miles per hour are you driving over the stated speed limit?
  3. If you live at 3314 Cherry Street and the numbers on each house increases by 2, what would be the house number on the house two doors down from yours?
  4. If you have 4 grapefruits in your right hand and 3 in your left hand, what is the total number of grapefruits you have in both hands?
  5. If the Sun comes up in the East in the morning, would it come down in the West, South or North in the evening?
  6. If someone can speak two languages fluently, is that person bilingual or bisexual?

Of the six questions set forth above, it was reported that he aced all the questions other than No. 6.


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  7. Ass-Kisser Awards = 8
  8. Bigot/Racist Awards = 20
  9. Bullshit Awards = 72
  10. Chicken Little Awards = 7
  11. Dumbo Awards = 5
  12. Humanitarian Award = 11
  13. IHOP (Flip-Flop) Awards = 4
  14. Liar Awards = 132
  15. Lunatic Awards = 30
  16. Misc. Awards = 99
  17. Misogynist Awards = 3
  18. Moron Awards = 48
  19. Narcissist Awards = 36
  20. Screwball Awards = 12
  21. Rodney Dangerfield Comic Awards = 53
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