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Dr. James Dobson of Focus on da Family profits on attacking gays


Acclaimed born-again-Christian, family-values guru Dr. James Dobson has made a virtual fortune at viciously attacking gay folks as you’ll see below.
First and foremost, I’ve always followed my late father’s advice in regards to meddling into other people’s bidness, which is, “If everyone minded their own damn bidness, we’d be a lot better off.” A wise old sage I must say! My mantra is f ya agree not to peek into my bedroom, I’ll reciprocate!
I could if necessary write a 5,000 or 10,000 word treatise on the vicious, gratuitous and mean-spirited attacks Dr. James Dobson has made over the years in unmercifully vilifying gay folks. I’ll leave that for another time!
Over the years, Dr. James Dobson has offered many books attacking gays on his so-called Christian-values web site. While so acting, the Right Reverend James Dobson has enriched himself by charging excessive costs for books attacking gays when the same books were offered for much less at Amazon.com and/or by other reputable booksellers.
Below are a few fine examples of the Right Rev. Dr. James Dobson bilking his followers.
The truth about same sex marriage
$8.00 – Born-again-Christian price
$0.99 = Satin’s price
Why marriage matters – co-authored by Sen. John Ensign?
$14.00 – Born-again-Christian price
$1.98 = Satin’s price
Homosexuality – Politics of Truth
$24.00 – Born-again-Christian price
$4.16 = Satin’s price
The Homosexual Agenda
$15.00 – Born-again-Christian price
$2.40 = Satin’s price
Someone I Love is Gay – Probably Rev. Haggard, right?
$13.00 – Born-again-Christian price
$4.66 = Satin’s price
Beyond the Lesbian Struggle
$13.00 – Born-again-Christian price
$2.57 = Satin’s price
I could go on and on and on, but I think ya get the point, right? And that point is without doubt that the Right Rev. James Dobson is a disgusting charlatan and a perverted money-grubbing dirt-bag (my apologies to dirt-bags).
I’d provide y’all with more examples but my Elmer Gantry Charlatan meter is runnin on overload if ya know what I mean.
By the way, if your barf-bag hasn’t runneth over, go to http://tinyurl.com/kuoncg and review the article titled: “Is Dr. James Dobson of Focus on da Family a Born-again-Christian Crook?
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