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FormerJudge Cheri Copsey of Boise, ID; incompetent boob


The state of Idaho presented Cheri C. Copsey with a law license in 1973 after she graduated from the University of Arizona School of Law.


In one matter, Bobby was assigned to preside over a case involving Ada County Highway District (ACHD) vs. Brooke View Inc. During the pendency of the matter, Judge Copsey awarded Brooke View $148,390.21 plus prejudgment interest and attorney’s fees.


Subsequently, Ada County appealed Judge Copsey’s ruling wherein she entered a judgment on the jury verdict in the amount of $148,390.21 and prejudgment interest of $48,792.66.


After the jury award of $148,2901.21 plus interest, Judge Copsey then granted Brooke View’s motion for attorney’s fees and costs, awarding $744,243.56 in attorney’s fees, $44,051.46 in non-discretionary costs, and $365,703.63 in discretionary costs. The total of costs and fees award by Judge Copsey amounted to $1,153,998.65.


In reversing Judge Copsey’s absurd award of the Supreme Court stated.

  • “The District Court erred in its interpretation of just compensation under the Idaho Code.”
  • “Damages accruing during construction are not properly part of just compensation and must be pursued separately in tort.
  • “We further hold that any decisions by the district court in reliance on its initial error were themselves error, including with respect to the admission of evidence, jury instructions, and award of attorney’s fees and costs”
  • “Instructions submitted to the jury were error that prejudiced ACHD.”
  • “The district court erred in admitting testimony and other evidence of events, activities, and damages, that occurred during the construction of improvements on the Property.”
  • “The District Court’s award of attorney’s fees to Brooke View is vacated.”

It is plainly clear that Judge Copsey  doesn’t much give a damn how many times her ignorant rulings are overturned by a higher court because she knows for a fact that no judge in Idaho has ever been bounced off the bench for being an ignoramus.


As we speak (ca. July 2020), Cheri practices her brand of law at 200 West Front Street in Boise, Idaho.


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