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Dr. James Dobson of Focus on da Family: Born-again-Christian Crook?


Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family falsely portrays himself as a born-again-Christian guru when in truth he’s nothing more than an Elmer Gantry Wannabee.
Over the years, Dr. James Dobson has apparently delighted in bilking those who were foolish enough to visit his highly deceptive web site for the purpose of purchasing books.
I spent many; many hours comparing the Christian-value prices that Dr. Elmer, I’m sorry I mean Dr. James Dobson charged for books verses what it would have cost to purchase the same book on Amazon.com.
Here’s a few examples of how Dr. James Dobson cheerfully bilked (I think defrauded is more appropriate) by charging exorbitant and unconscionable (no rational person would accuse ol’ James of having a conscious, would they?) prices for books.
As you’ll see, I first list the title followed by Dr. Dobson’s Born-again-Christian price, and then Satin’s Agnostic Price (SAP) offered by Amazon.com.
Big Fat Greek Diet
$28.00 = Born-again-Christian price
$2.62 = Satin’s price
How to be a Christian in a Brave New World – Say what?
$17.00 – Born-again-Christian price
$1.25 = Satin’s price
One tough Mother – I’ll leave this one alone
$13.00 – Born-again-Christian price
$0.99 = Satin’s price
Loving your Relatives – should be “Screwing your Relatives”
$20.00 = – Born-again-Christian price
$1.55 = Satin’s price
Pure Excitement – Yeah for ol’ Jimmy when da cash rolls in
$13.00 – Born-again-Christian price
$1.50 = Satin’s price
Ridiculous Faith – How appropriate!
$15.00 = Born-again-Christian price
$1.15 = Satan’s price
Soul food and living water – aka, cash and Jack Daniels
$13.00 = Born-again-Christian price
$1.94 = Satan’s price
A Man after God’s Heart
$13.00 = Born-again-Christian price
$0.01 = Satan’s price – that’s right folks one-penny
Unlike the right-reverend Dr. James Dobson, I didn’t fabricate the figures above. As a matter of fact, I have accumulated an extensive data base wherein I compared Jimmie’s Born-again-Christian prices against those offered by Satanists, agnostics and assorted God haters. Stay tuned folks because there's much, much more to come in outing this certified crook for disgusting charlatan that he is (my apologies to all ya ethical charlatans out there).
What really disturbs me more than Dr. James Dobson’s years-long conduct in screwing his followers is the fact that the vast income he earns from this quasi-criminal enterprise isn’t taxable. In contrast, reputable booksellers like Amazon.com, Borders and Barnes & Noble pay federal, state and local taxes on their profits. This is the epitome of unfair competition! Why in the world should Borders, et al. pay taxes to underwrite this type of unscrupulous and quasi-fraudulent competition?
As Dr. James Dobson would say over and over again, “Praise the Lord and pass the hat (aka, cash) one more time!
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