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Is Mitt Romney’s Bowel Movement without Odor?



Mitt doesn’t have any qualms about letting everyone know he’s a multi, multi-millionaire. And of course there is no dispute that he was born with a silver spoon firmly implanted in his mouth.




Mitt’s repeated attempts to portray himself as just another hardworking Joe Six-pack type while trolling for votes has provided me with some of the finest comedic relief I’ve experienced in years. Such a comparison would be akin to Gov. Chris Christie claiming he was just another average hardworing anorexic.




It is painfully clear that Mitt will never be able to mix with commoners such as auto workers, truck drivers, school teachers and the like. Like it or not, these folks are beneath Mitt’s exalted social status.



Given Mitt’s arrogant attitude towards non-millionaires and the working class, it would appear that he actually believes that his “Bowel Movement is without Odor,” if y’all know what I mean.


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