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U.S. Rep. Jeff Denham (R-CA) Shameless Hypocrite re: GSA spending sprees

In November 2010, Jeff duped the voters in the greater Modesto and Fresno areas to elect him to Congress to represent the 19th District. Previously, Jeff duped the same voters into electing him to two terms (8 years) as a California State Senator 12 District.
As Chairman of the Economic Development/Public Buildings and Emergency Management Subcommittee, Jeff recently feigned his outrage at the expenditures of members of the GSA (General Services Administration) in spending nearly $900,000 at a so-called conference at a resort in Nevada.
Some of Jeff’s phony outrage resulted in him spewing forth the following hyperbolic (BS) comments:
“The American public deserves to have money paid back” The wasteful spending is going to stop and the transparency is going to begin.”
“….there must be serious action for the outrageous spending habits of the General Services Administration.”
“This appears to be fraud, plain and simple and the American people deserve to know what’s going on with their tax dollars.”
During his eight years as a California State Senator, Jeff the Hypocrite didn’t give a damn as to how he personally wasted taxpayer funds in regards to hosing them for his personal purchase of three (3) SUVs as listed in Textbox 1 below.
Textbox 1
Purchase date
Purchase Price
Ford Expedition
Ford Escape Hybrid
Toyota Highlander Hybrid
Textbox 2 below shows how much Jeff hosed Californians for use of the vehicles he personally selected for his personal use in Textbox 1.
Textbox 2
15 mpg
49,470 miles
15 mpg
41,805 miles
29 mpg
39,179 miles
29 mpg
44,457 miles
26 mpg
40,300 miles
26 mpg
39,338 miles
In addition to the fuel costs above, additional costs to Californians for Jeff’s 3 rides were:
  1. $24,948.00 – Lease costs
  2. $9,710.85 – Maintenance costs
  3. $58,000.00 = Depreciation losses when 3 vehicles sold
  4. $3,600.00 – Liability Insurance
It is apparent that Jeff used these vehicles to commute to Sacramento and for purely partisan re-election purposes. Therefore, according to IRS Publication 15-B, Jeff’s use of state cars for commuting and other personal use are taxable as income. It would also be taxable income in California.
The IRS and California required that Jeff maintain logs differentiating personal verses official use of these vehicles. However, when I requested copies of such logs for Jeff and other state legislators, I was told in writing that no such records existed. Without such logs, Jeff would be taxed 100% for the lease value of the 3 vehicles + fuel purchases. For 2007/2008 he would owe Federal and California taxes as follows:
  • 2007 - $11,750 lease value + $4,727 fuel – 30% Fed = $4,944 + 9% State = $1,648
  • 2008 - $11,750 lease value + $5,311 fuel – 30% Fed = $5,118 + 9% State = $1,706
Does anyone really think that Jeff declared and paid Federal and California income tax on his personal use of these cars? Yet, he has the chutzpah to act like a Saint when he pontificates about GSA abuses.
Maybe its time for someone to ask Jeff to prove that he actually declared and paid federal and state taxes for his personal use of state paid for cars.

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