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Judge JaDawnya Baker of Atlanta, GA; ethical goblin, lying loser


The State of Georgia presented JaDawnya Butler Baker with a law license in 2006 after she graduated from the University of Florida School of Law.


The state Judicial Qualifications Commission has charged JaDawnya with engaging in the following misconduct.

  • Leveraged her judicial position for her own personal benefit
  • Improperly used Municipal Court of Atlanta and City of Atlanta resources for matters unrelated to court business and for her own and others’ personal benefit
  • Failed to act with due diligence (slacker)
  • Engaged in conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice
  • Lent the prestige of her office to advance her private interests or that of others
  • Failed to perform her judicial/administrative duties competently (moron)
  • Improperly dismissed cases that were presented to her for guilty pleas and other dispositions
  • Attempted to force a prosecutor to proceed to trial on a case where the prosecutor presented the case for dismissal
  • Improperly inserted herself in the plea negotiation process
  • Failed to every person who has a legal interest in a proceeding, or that person’s lawyer, the right to be heard according to the law (aka, Due Process)
  • Repeatedly contacted City Solicitor Raines Carter and requested or demanded that certain prosecutors be removed from assignment to her courtroom
  • Gave untruthful, evasive, and misleading statements to ethics investigators (Screw you, said JaDawnya!)
  • Acted verbally and mentally abusive to staff members and court personnel
  • Regularly threatened employees with termination for minor issues
  • Chastised employees and court personnel if her desk was not arranged correctly (Arrogant)
  • Belittled and humiliated staff members in open court
  • Court staff would sometimes have to work beyond their normal shifts, due in part to requests by JaDawnya to perform personal errands, favors, and unnecessary duties for her

Examples of having court personnel act as her personal servant are as follows.

  • Had Court Security Officer pick up alcoholic beverages from a store and deliver them to a Barbie event
  • Had Court Security Officer travel to a store outside of the City of Atlanta and pick up a chair for her and then deliver the chair to her home for her personal use
  • Had a staff member use the staff member’s personal vehicle to drive JaDawnya to events and to run errands unrelated to court business
  • Requested that staff members deliver robe and personal items from the courthouse to her home
  • Over four years had staff members contribute money to, and shop for, items she used in her chambers
  • Had a staff member use the staff member’s personal vehicle to transport a chair from JaDawnya’s home to a store for its return

All that remains now is to see what if any punishment is meted out to Barbie by the enablers for Judicial Misfits sitting on the Georgia Supreme Court.


As we speak (ca. May 2020), JaDawnya continues to sit as a Atlanta Municipal Court judge in Atlanta, Georgia.


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