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Rev. Pat Robertson – acting as pimp for Rev. Sean Hannity and Michael Savage


The Rev. has been screwing, I ‘m sorry I mean fleecing his flock for years by pimping for Right Rev. Sean Hannity and Michael Savage


I suspect you know that Rev. Pat Robertson has become a multi-millionaire over the years operating various commercial enterprises like the so-called 700 Club. Let's forget for a moment that Rev. Pat is a hypocrite of the highest order in addition to being a just plain ol' dirty som-bitch as my good ol' friends in Texas would say.


Not happy with fleecing-the-flock for years via begging for dollars that he then used to live the good life, Rev. Pat decided to further enrich himself by offering books for sale on his so-called religious web site. Pat then went about cheerfully acting as Chief Pimp for Sean Hannity and Michael Savage by selling their so-called books on his religious web site.


I don't know about you, but I'm not aware that either Sean "The Wimp" Hannity or Mike "The Wiener) Savage were ever involved in writing religious books. In fact, most of the garbage (aka, lies, rumor, innuendo and total fabrications) that the Wimp and Wiener write would likely made the late Joseph Mengele blush.


Below are several books authored by Sean or Ann Coulter that Rev. Pat has or continues to offer on his religious web site for sale. Under the title of the book you'll see the price that God (Rev. Pat) charged vs. what Satin (aka, Amazon.com) was selling the same book for.



Books written by: Rev. Sean Hannity
Let Freedom Ring: Winning the war of Liberty over Liberalism
$13.19 = God’s price – paperback
$4.69 = Satin's price at Amazon.com
$8.50 = Christian screwing, I mean discount
Deliver us from Evil: Defeating terrorism, despotism and liberalism
$26.95 = God’s price – hardback
$2.06 = Devil/Heathen/Agnostic’s price at Amazon.com
$24.89 = Christian screwing, I mean discount
Books written by: Rev. Michael Savage
The Political Zoo
$25.99 = God’s price – Hardback
$1.40 = Satin’s price at Amazon.com
$24.59 = Christian screwing, I mean discount
Liberalism is a Mental Disorder: Savage Solutions
$22.87 = God’s price- - Hardback
$3.29 = Satin’s price at Amazon.com 
$19.58 = Christian screwing, I mean discount
If any ignoramus bought a copy of the four books described above, he/she would have been screwed to the tune of $77.56 by Rev. Pat Robertson. That's what the buyer would have saved had he/she bought the books on Amazon.com. Of course the same would be true if Rev. Pat actually believed  and adhered to the bullshit he spews forth about family values and integrity. 
You'd like to think that at least one of these Ministers that have profited from this deplorable conduct would have had the courtesy to offer  the folks they fleeced a two-months supply of Preparation H, after all it would have been the humanitarian thing to do, right?   


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