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Donnie “Snake Oil Salesman” Trump offers several new Coronavirus cures


This is not the first award presented to The Great Leader. In the past he has been the subject of 520 awards, 111 opinion pieces and 85 laments. For a list of the prior awards and/or articles, see the items detailed at the end of this article.


In addition to offering injections of Lysol or some other disinfectant as a cure for the Coronavirus pandemic, Donnie the Snake Oil Salesman is also considering other remedies that have been offered to him by renown physicians and  learned epidemiologists like Dr. Laura “Quack Quack” Ingraham. Some of those remedial cures are as follows.

  • Replace Listerine mouthwash with mix of Bleach and Honey
  • Sprinkle some Lye on your steak rather than Salt
  • Use Hydrogen Peroxide as substitute for Coffee mate
  • Replace dinner napkins with Clorox Wipes
  • Use Roundup rather than Milk for the kids’ breakfast Cheerios
  • Substitute Ensure for Grandma with Pine-Sol

Goshes and Gollies and Gee Whillickers Boys and Girls, with these new and improved methods for combating the Coronavirus pandemic, The Great Leader should be a shoo in to be reelected in November 2020.


In addition to being reelected, The Great Leader will surely be a finalist for the 2020 Nobel Prize for Medicine and the 2020 Nobel Prize for Chemistry.


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  7. Ass-Kisser Awards = 8
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  10. Chicken Little Awards = 7
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  21. Rodney Dangerfield Comic Awards = 52
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