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GOP releases future list of “White is Right” nominees for Supreme Court


In response to Sotomayor’s appointment, the party of “White is Right” and  we “Frown on Brown” proudly released its list of future candidates for the US Supreme Court.
As I suspect you know, there have been 110 Supreme Court Justices, and all but one was “White and Right.” The born-again-Christians who support "White and Right" and we "Frown on Brown" are not for the most part supporters of the White Power movement. The list of future candidates for the U.S. Supreme Court of the “White is Right” and we "Frown on Brown" Party is set forth below. Read and enjoy!
Ann (“The Man”) Coulter - Annie is eminently qualified as her liberal views are well-known, and she’s a graduate of the Univ. of Michigan Law School.  Moreover, Annie wouldn't have to quit her day job making nice of Democrats. Annie would fit in nicely since she’d just be one of the guys, right?
G. Gordon (“The Felon”) Liddy - G. Gordon graduated from Fordham law school in 1957 and is more than qualified.  G. Gordon can be relied on to use a little friendly persuasion to convince Justices Ginsberg and Breyer to hold off retiring until a real-American is elected to the Presidency.
Rev. Pat Robertson - Pat received his law degree from Yale Law School in 1955.  Rev. Pat's philosophy is well-known and he could certainly be relied on to immediately move to overturn Roe v. Wade and affirm prayer in public schools, along with approving assasinations of liberal, left-wing foreign leaders. Praise the Lord, and lets pass the hat one more time for Ol" Reverend Pat.
Rick Santorum – graduated from Penn State Law School. Rick can be counted on to rule that teaching “intelligent design” by unintelligent right-wing nutcases is a deeply rooted constitutional right.
Gary Bauer – graduated from Georgetown Law School. Gary is a well-respected, well-meaning, right-wing nutcase who can be expected to immediately become a subservient lackey, bootlicker and yes-man for Justice Scalia.
The following alternate candidates for the Supreme Court were also announced by the GOP, and you’ll see all of them would make mighty find justices, right?
Neil Boortz – graduate of John Marshall Law School - left-wing radio talk show host
Michael Medved – graduate of Yale Law School - Rush Limbaugh clone and Wannabee
Mark Levin – graduate of Temple University Law School - right-wing radio talk show host and celebrated nutcase
I'm sure the God and America haters from the Left-Coast and their compatriots and allies (left-wing zealots), will find fault with the list of qualified canidates for the US Supreme Court put forth by the Republican Party. However, if "White ain't Right," then letem put forth a legitimate argument with some solid evidence proving it ain't right.
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