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Judge Gregory Todd of Billings, MT; one of the Good Guys


The State of Montana provided Gregory R. Todd with a law license in 1977 after he graduated from the University of Montana School of Law.


Judge Todd expressed his angst and in truth his disgust not only with the conduct of fellow judge Ashley Harada but the recommendation of the Judicial Standards Commission that she receive a complimentary censure.


For additional information regarding the misconduct of Judge Ashley Harada, visit the URL listed at the end of this article.


As a direct consequence of his displeasure, Judge Todd has asked the Montana Supreme Court to not accept the recommendation of the Judicial Standards Commission that Judge Ashley Harada receive a complimentary censure.


In his request to the Supreme Court, Judge Todd said a censure would be “woefully inappropriate” and asked that the court suspend Judge Harada from her judicial position for a term to be determined.  Additionally, Judge Todd said:

  • “It is a cry to appropriately send a message, loud and clear, to any judicial candidate that our ethical rules mean what they say and our system cannot be subverted.”
  • Wrote that Harada and her attorney, retired District Judge Russell Fagg’s comments in a recent Billings Gazette article that “quibbles, misstates, engages in revisionist history, and qualifies her responsibility” for the misconduct that she admitted to.
  • Said he became "nauseated and irate" while reading the Billings Gazette article.
  • “Harada and Fagg’s response turns her answer into a mockery and this process into a sham.”
  • “Her [Judge Harada stunning audacity to continue to raise unsupported excuses is astounding.”

As to Harada’s admitted violations of the Code of Conduct regarding partisan endorsements, Judge Todd said:

  • “The feeble excuse that Harada tried to get JSC input regarding allowing partisan endorsements to remain on her Facebook is laughable.”
  • “What part of Rules 4.1(A)(3) and (7) did she not understand?”

At the conclusion of his letter to the Montana Supreme Court, Judge Todd said:


“The judiciary, the Montana bar, and the people of Montana are watching and waiting your decision.”


All that remains now is to see if the Montana Supreme Court is as outraged at Judge Harada’s conduct as Judge Todd is. If they are, they should issue an order removing her from her judgeship. To allow an admitted perjurer to remain on the bench sends a rather sad message to the good folks living in the greater Billings area.


And lastly, kudos to Judge Gregory Todd for having the courage and fortitude to tell it like it is.


As we speak (ca. March 2020), Judge Todd continues to sit as a Yellowstone County District Judge in Billings, Montana.


Judge Ashley Harada of Billings, MT; perjurer, scofflaw





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