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Donald “Trumporleone” Trump: Today’s “Whiny Loser” Award Winner


FYI: This isn’t the first award presented to The Great Leader. In the past he has been the subject of 516 awards, 115 opinion pieces and 61 laments. For a list of the prior awards and/or articles, see the items detailed at the end of this article.


In an ongoing effort to guarantee that he cannot be blamed for his and his administration’s abysmal response to the Coronavirus, The Great Leader has again gone on the attack against the media. Towards that end, The Great Leader made the following hyperbolic (BS) statements, all of which were intended to be digested as additional red meat by his intellectually infirm followers.

  • "The LameStream Media is the dominant force in trying to get me to keep our Country closed as long as possible in the hope that it will be detrimental to my election success.”
  • "The real people want to get back to work ASAP.”
  • “We will be stronger than ever before!”

The Great Leader continued with his whiny rant by saying:

  • "I watch and listen to the Fake News, CNN, MSDNC, ABC, NBC, CBS, some of FOX (desperately & foolishly pleading to be politically correct), the [New York Times], & the [Washington Post], and all I see is hatred of me at any cost.”
  • “Don’t they understand that they are destroying themselves?

The so-called LameStream Media consists of any newspapers like the NY Times and Washington Post and TV networks like CNN, MSNBC and ABC. It of course does not include The Great Leader’s official propaganda arm, the Fox News Comedy Network.


One must wonder what The Great Leader means when he says “The real people” want to get back to work. Apparently, the “real people” would be anyone that has bought into his serial lies and/or incessant BS. To argue that the so-called Fake New is “destroying themselves” by speaking the truth is additional evidence that The Great Leader is a Raving Lunatic.


What will Trumpsters think when someone in their family dies after contracting Coronavirus because Trump and his comrades in DC failed to take appropriate steps early on to ameliorate the situation? Will they still give their undying loyalty to the man fully and/or partially responsible for their loss?


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  7. Ass-Kisser Awards = 8
  8. Bigot/Racist Awards = 17
  9. Bullshit Awards = 74
  10. Chicken Little Awards = 3
  11. Dumbo Awards = 4
  12. Humanitarian Award = 11
  13. IHOP (Flip-Flop) Awards = 3
  14. Liar Awards = 130
  15. Lunatic Awards = 28
  16. Misc. Awards = 83
  17. Misogynist Awards = 3
  18. Moron Awards = 44
  19. Narcissist Awards = 37
  20. Screwball Awards = 12
  21. Rodney Dangerfield Comic Awards = 51
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