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Is Sen. Jeff Sessions: ethical dwarf, bigot and moron


I don’t think it can be disputed that US Senator Jeff Sessions is not only a monumental moron and bigot but is also a certified Nut-case.Senator Jefferson Beauregard Sessions; (Beauregard, how wimpish is that?) was born in Selma, Alabama, well-recognized as the citadel of racial tolerance and respect for African-Americans in the good ol’ U S of A, right?

As a young-en in Selma, Jeff Session became an Eagle Scout. After he allegedly became an adult, ol’ Jeff became the recipient of the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award from the Boy Scouts of America. Whew-wee, I’m impressed – how about Y’sens?
Sen. Jeff Sessions was born in 1946, meaning that he was eligible to serve his country during the Vietnam War. However, being the super-patriot war-monger that he was and is Jeffrey Beauregard Sessions opted to serve in the Army Reserve (sound familiar?)
To assure that Jeff Sessions III would acquire the necessary education to teach him right from wrong, and more importantly the true meaning of ethics, his Momma and Daddy footed the bill to send him to the Univ. of Alabama Law School. That certainly proved to be a wise investment, right?
After spending several unproductive and financially unrewarding years as a private lawyer, Senator Jefferson Beauregard Sessions attempted to secure an appointment as a US Federal District Judge. However, when the Senate Judiciary Committee reviewed his credentials, they told Senator Jefferson Beauregard Sessions to take a hike. Senator Jefferson Beauregard Sessions is one of only a handful of nominees for a Federal District Court judgeship that was found to be unfit. How about a moment of silence in respect of Senator Jefferson Beauregard Sessions ability to be rejected as unfit to sit on the federal bench. Lord have Mercy, is that like cool or what?
Senator Jefferson Beauregard Sessions recognizing that it was much easier to snooker the voters in Alabama decided to run for the U.S. Senate in 1996. Unfortunately, he succeeded in being elected and then re-elected twice.
Unbelievably, Senator Jefferson Beauregard Sessions was appointed by his fellow-Republicans to serve as the ranking (I guess rank is an appropriate term) member on the Senate Judiciary Committee. Who in their right mind would vote to appoint this ethical and intellectual flyweight to such an exalted position? Apparently, the Republican side of the aisle in the U.S. Senate is comprised of a bunch of certifiable nutcases. Agreeing to appont Senator Jefferson Beauregard Sessions as chief arbitrator to determine the qualifications of canidates for the federal bench is akiin to finding it acceptable to appoint Jeffrey Dahmer as the official caterer for the White House. Hear tell that Jeff's rump roast recipe was out of this world!
Now, ol’ Senator Jefferson Beauregard Sessions has vigorously denied charges that he is a die-in-the-wool bigot and racist. This denial despite his well-documented conduct in calling an African-American “boy,” and stating that the NAACP was an “un-American” and “Communist-inspired” organization because they “forced civil rights down the throats of people.” Is this guy a certified asshole and Dumbass or what? To be fair to Beauregard, this was after all Alabama in the 1960s, which makes his conduct acceptable, right?
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