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Judge Mark Tranquilli of Pittsburgh, CO; bigoted loser


The state Colorado presented Mark Tranquilli with a law license in 1992 after he graduated from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law.  


FYI: Mark has had his significant snout firmly implanted in the public trough for the past twenty-six (26) years. Apparently, no self-respecting law firm in the greater Pittsburgh area was about to offer Mark the Bigot a good paying job.


In one matter, a complaint filed by Assistant District Attorney Ted Dutowski accuses Mark the Bigot of calling a black juror “Aunt Jemima.” Mark is also accused of speculating that the black juror lived with a heroin dealer.


It appears that Mark wasn’t happy when a jury issued a “not guilty” at the end of a drug trial that lasted two weeks.


During a closed-door meeting with DA Dutowski and a defense attorney, Mark asked Dutowski why he had allowed a black woman on the jury, according to the ethics complaint. In his ethics complaint, Dutowski claimed that Mark made the following statements to him.

  • “You weren’t out of strikes when you decided to put Aunt Jemima on the jury.”
  • “You know darn well that when she goes home to her baby daddy, he’s probably slinging heroin, too.”

Shortly after DA Rutkowski’s complaint was aired publicly, Mark the Bigot was taken off all of his active cases and assigned to “administrative duties” (paper shuffling).


All that remains now is to see what if any punishment is meted out to Mark by the enablers for Judicial Misfits and Bigots sitting on the Judicial Conduct Board.


As we speak (ca. February 2020), Mark the Bigot continues to sit as a Allegheny County Common Pleas judge in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


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