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James Dobson - Focus on the Family: Ultimate Compassionate Conservative


Can it be disputed that Dr. James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family is the pre-eminent Compassionate Conservative? Of course not!
Most if not all left-wing-liberal God-haters like Susan Sarandon, Michael Moore, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Ted Kennedy, Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann are of the mistaken belief that Dr. James Dobson is an opportunistic hypocrite who has amassed a fortune by attacking gays, all classes of immigrants (with the exception of good ol’ born-again-Christian honkies) and anyone who supports a woman’s right to choice (an abortion).
I’m here to tell ya that these left-wing kooks don’t know what in the hell they’re talking about. The truth of the matter is that Dr. James Dobson is the “poster boy” for treating his fellow man with undue respect. For anyone to suggest that Dr. James Dobson does not firmly believe that we “were all created equally” are just plain wrong.
There is indisputable documentary evidence proving that Dr. James Dobson’s history of compassion and caring for his fellowman is much superior to the conduct of Sister Theresa.  
The compassionate manner in which Dr. James Dobson has equipped the restrooms at his headquarters in Stone Mountain, Georgia, I’m sorry I mean Colorado Springs speaks volumes for his ultra-compassionate demeanor. After viewing the photo below, I trust that the left-wing zealots named above will fully appreciate the true meaning of a practicing “compassionate conservative.”
Praise the Lord and pass da hat one more time sayeth the Right Rev. James Dobson.


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