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Donald Trump announces plan to name Vladimir Putin as 2020 running mate


It isn’t a big secret that The Great Leader has absolutely no respect for Vice President Mike Pence. In truth, he likely is contemptuous of Pence’s distaste for being around another woman if his wife isn’t present. Put simply, Pence is true believer in monogamous relationships while The Great Leader believes its acceptable to screw Porn Stars and Playboy Models while married.


Even though Pence has spent an inordinate amount of time on his knees kissing The Great Leader’s substantial derriere and acting as a compliant sycophant and lackey, he hasn’t been able to overcome the fact that in the mind of The Great Leader he’s a total loser.


Several unreliable and anonymous sources have indicated that The Great Leader is now and has been for many years enamored with Putin’s leadership qualities and his ability to control the outcome of any and all matters affecting his presidency.


The tipping point for The Great Leader’s anticipated choice of replacing Pence with Putin was Putin’s recent statements attacking the legitimacy of the impeachment articles voted out of the Judiciary Committee on December 13, 2019.


If Vladdy declines the offer to be the GOP’s VP candidate in 2020, The Great Leader has placed the following unbiased, patriotic, and monogamous stalwarts.  

  • Newt Gingrich: serial adulterer married 3 times
  • Rep. Jim “Gymmy” Jordan: Trump Serial Sycophant (SS)
  • Former VP Dick “Big Dick” Cheney: serial draft dodger
  • Rev. Jimmy Swaggart: $20 hooker aficionado and serial adulterer
  • Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein: women’s right activist

The anticipation of whether Vladdy will accept The Don’s invitation to be his running mate in 2020 is overwhelming. If Vladdy disappoints us, then my backup choice of the five candidates named above would be Rev. Jimmy Swaggart.


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