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The 2010 IHOP (Flip-Flopping) Award Winner is Sen. John McCain

Congratulations to….
US Sen. John McCain
2010 “IHOP” (Flip-Flopping) Award Winner
The WatchDawg is proud to announce that U.S. Senator John McCain of Arizona is the winner of this prestigious award, despite keen competition among like-minded colleagues (aka, hypocrites, charlatans, dissemblers and shysters),  all of whom have proven to be like-minded switch-hitters.  
Below is the Top 10 flip-flops engaged in by Senator McCain.
  • Opposed indefinite suspension of terrorists but when Supreme Court reached same conclusion called it “one of the worst decisions in the history of this country.”
  • Supported normalization of relations with Cuba before opposing it
  • Was against expanding GI Bill before he supported it
  • Supports and opposes earmarks for Arizona at the same time
  • Said gay marriage should be allowed before saying it shouldn’t be allowed
  • Was against Bush’s tax cuts for very wealthy before he supported them
  • Anti-ethanol before he was in support of it
  • Opined estate tax was perfectly fair but now believes it isn’t fair
  • Supported moratorium on coastal oil drilling but now he’s against it
  • Co-sponsored the DREAM Act but now he’s against it
  • Promoted lobbying-reform legislation before he opposed it
It’s pretty clear to me that Senator McCain is in many instances totally disgusted with his stance on many issues. Ya gotta give him credit for admitting to being the quintessential hypocrite, right?
Ol’ Johnny Baby has performed more flip-flops than the head cook working at the IHOP located at 2508 North Central Avenue in Phoenix, if y’all know what I mean.

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