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Judge Dawn Gentry of Covington, KY; moron, ethical troll


The state of Kentucky provided Dawn Gentry with a law license in 1985 after she graduated from Northern Kentucky University School of Law.


It should be noted that former Gov. Matt Bevin appointed Dawn as a judge on the Kenton Family Court of the 16th Judicial Circuit in Covington in December 2016. Dawn didn’t get the appointment because she was the most qualified attorney in the greater Covington area. She got it because she had proven to be a reliable lackey for the local political hacks.


The Kentucky Judicial Conduct Commission has charged Dawn with engaging in the following misconduct.

  • Engaged in a pattern of misconduct
  • Failed to perform her duties with competence (moron)
  • Coerced members of your GAL (Guardian ad Litem) panel to donate the maximum amount to your campaign and to use personal time to engage in campaigning on your behalf
  • Required her GAL panel members to serve on the finance committee for her campaign.
  • While in court, she solicited an attorney to put up a campaign sign on her behalf
  • Utilized court staff to work on her campaign during work hours
  • Direct her staff attorney to place and deliver campaign sings
  • Instructed her case management specialist/mediator write thank-you notes for the campaign and publicly hold a campaign sign on Election Day
  • Appointed attorney Delana Sanders to her GAL panel in exchange her husband’s agreement to support her campaign
  • Instructed her court staff research whether she could add an additional panel member so that she could appoint Ms. Sanders as a GAL panel member
  • Failed to comply with the law
  • Failed to perform her duties fairly and impartially
  • Retaliated against Meredith Smith for not sufficiently supporting her campaign
  • Failed to act with due diligence (slacker)
  • Retaliated against attorney Mike Hummel for failing to make the maximum monetary donation to her campaign and later removed him from the GAL panel
  • Retaliated against attorneys who did not support her campaign by delaying hearing dates for their cases
  • Retaliated against school liaison officer Kelly Blevins for supporting her opponent in the election
  • Failed to afford every person who has a legal interest in a proceeding, or that person’s lawyer, the right to be heard according to law (aka, due process)
  • Failed to be patient, dignified, and courteous to litigants, jurors, witnesses, lawyers, court staff, court officials, and others with whom she dealt with in her official capacity
  • Knowingly filled out and approved a false timesheet for Meredith Smith
  • Knowingly approved inaccurate timesheets for Mr. Penrose and Ms. Aubrey by approving timesheets that she knew did not accurately reflect the hours those
  • employees worked
  • Permitted Mr. Penrose to spend work hours playing his guitar and singing in his office, disrupting other court employees during the workday
  • Allowed staff to store and consume alcoholic beverages in court offices and at times consumed alcoholic beverages in the courthouse
  • Engaged in inappropriate and unwanted sexual advances toward Ms. Schulz
  • Engaged in Snapchat conversations with members of your GAL panel and Mr. Penrose, some of which were sexual in nature
  • Hired Stephen Penrose because she was engaged in a personal sexual relationship with him, not on basis of merit
  • Terminated Meredith Smith by forcing her to resign to create a job opening for Mr. Penrose
  • Engaged in sexual activity with Mr. Penrose and Ms. Aubrey in a courthouse office, during work hours

All that remains now is to see what if any punishment is meted out to Dawn by the enablers for Judicial Misfits sitting on the Kentucky Supreme Court.


As we speak (ca. December 2019), Dawn continues to sit as judge on the Kenton Family Court of the 16th Judicial Circuit in Covington, Kentucky.


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