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Today’s “Grinch/Dumbo” Award Winner is Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker

Congratulations to….
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker
Today’s “Grinch/Dumbo” Award Winner
The WatchDawg is proud to announce that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is the hands-down winner of this initial dual award, despite keen competition among like-minded screwballs.
Recently, Scotty Baby announced that he would require that public employees pay higher pension and health insurance contributions. Some in the media have reported that this would or could result in a 15 to 18% reduction in take home pay for public employees, which is a significant amount for someone earning $50,000 a year.
Scotty also wants to prohibit the right of public employees to belong to a union. What a guy! Now, this Ol’ Dawg has been on both sides of dealing with unions. In the past (ca. 1967-1968), I negotiated union contracts while representing workers that belonged to the Teamsters Union. I also was a card-carrying member of the AFL-CIO in Toledo, Ohio. As a small businessman, I was forced to deal with members of construction unions in the early 1980s. Therefore, I’m aware of the good, bad and the ugly in regards to Union representation.
Can there be any dispute that Ol’ Scotty’s primary purpose in attacking public workers and unions is motivated by his political aspirations? Was Milwaukee resident Jeffrey Dahmer a die-in-the-wool carnivore?
To be fair, there are some public employees that game the system; however, to suggest that these folks should forever be barred from joining a union doesn’t pass the involuntary laugh test.
Seems to me that Governor Scott Walker missed his calling as a standup comedian!
Hopefully, the good folks in Wisconsin will wake up and give Ol’ Scotty the boot! Not to worry Scotty, I hear tell that the Wal Mart store at 401 East Capitol Drive in Milwaukee is accepting applications for greeters. And if that doesn’t bear any fruit Scotty, there’s the Bartending Academy at 8626 West National Avenue in West Allis.

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