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Donald “Sissy-in-Chief” Trump: Today’s “Chicken Little” Award Winner

As everyone does or should know, The Great Leader is a 5-time Draft Dodging Cream Puff whose wealthy 


Daddy apparently paid a New York City physician to falsely claim he suffered from bone spurs so that he could avoid serving his country in the Vietnam War.


It should also be noted that The Great Leader’s Grandpa Friedrich Trump was booted out of Germany for illegally avoiding the draft. Trump’s Daddy Fred did not serve his country during World War II even though he was age eligible (DBA: 1905). And of course, his two loser sons, Jr. and Eric never served their country in the wars in Iraq and Afhganistan despite being age eligible.


In November 2019, The Great Leader decided to grant pardons or clemency to three members of the military for engaging in the following criminal conduct.


Navy Seal Edward Gallagher: convicted of posing with an ISIS captive’s body He was acquitted on more serious charges related to an incident where he allegedly shot at several civilians during a 2017 deployment and killed the ISIS captive, who was already injured, with a hunting knife.

Major Mathew Golsteyn: charged with murder in the death of an Afghan civilian during Afghan war. Golsteyn had pleaded not guilty and was awaiting trial.

Lt. Clint Lorance: found guilty in 2013 of murder in the second degree for ordering his soldiers to fire on three unarmed Afghan men on a motorcycle. He served six years of the 19-year prison sentence he received for the murders.


In ordering the pardons, The Sissy-In-Chief stated:

  • "I stuck up for three great warriors against the deep state."
  • "And you know what I’m talking about."
  • "I will always stick up for our great fighters."

In a final comment which is clearly applicable to him, his Grandpa, his Daddy, Don Jr. and Eric, he said:


"People can sit there in air-conditioned offices and

complain, but you know what, doesn’t matter to me whatsoever."


Sitting in an air-conditioned office is exactly what the Sissy-in-Chief was doing during the Vietnam War while enjoying his 5 ill-gotten draft deferments.


As expected, high ranking members of the military expressed their disgust with The Great Leader’s blanket pardons since it undermined military justice and order.


Of course, well-documented Chicken Little Sissies like The Great Leader aren’t concerned about military discipline and/or justice since he has absolutely no idea what either stand for. And the same can be said for his loudmouth, wimpy sons Don Jr. and Eric.


And lastly, if the Sissy-in-Chief was the President of Germany after World War II would he have displayed the same concerns for the following military men convicted of war crimes as he did for the three U.S. military men aforementioned?

  • Gen. Herman Goring: Nazi Reichsmarschall in charge of all officers in the German Army (veteran World War 1 fighter pilot ace)
  • Lt. Rudolph Hess: Deputy Führer to Adolf Hitler (wounded several times during World War I and awarded the Iron Cross, 2nd class
  • Benito (Il Duce) Mussolini: (served in Royal Italian Army and wounded in World War I)
  • Gen. Hideki Tojo: (Chief of the Kwantung Army during World War II)

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