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Judge Gerald Schroeder of Boise, ID; incompetent boob


The state of Idaho presented Gerald F. Schroeder with a law license in 1964 after he graduated from Harvard University School of Law.


It should be noted that Gerry had his significant snout firmly implanted in the public trough for forty years (1967 thru 2007). Apparently, no self-respecting law firm in the greater Boise area was about to offer Gerry a good paying job.


After retiring as the Chief Justice of the Idaho Supreme Court in July 2007, Gerry decided to earn of few more dollars from the taxpayers by taking on jobs as a senior visiting retired judge.


In one matter, Gerry presided over a case between ruled on a case H2O Environmental, Inc. (H2O) and Farm Supply Distributors, Inc. (Farm Supply). The gist of the case was that Farm Supply hired H20 to cleanup of a gas spill at a gas station.


When the cleanup was completed H20 billed Farm Supply $45,828.19 for the work performed; however, Farm Supply only paid $38,473.55, leaving a balance due of $7,354.64. After a bench trial, Gerry awarded H20 the $7,354.64 balance due and awarded $7,000 in attorney fees to H20 even though it had requested fees and costs of $55,924.46. In awarding the $7,000, Jerry the Moron asserted it represented the “amount in controversy” which represented the $7,354.64 Farm Supply owed to H20.


H20 then appealed Gerry’s refusal to award it the $55,924.46 it requested and evidenced with supporting documents to the Idaho Supreme Court. In reversing Gerry’s award of $7,000 in fees/costs, the Supreme Court stated in part:

  • “We hold that the district court erred when it affirmed the magistrate court’s arbitrary limitation on the award of attorney’s fees to the amount in controversy.
  • “The prevailing party in a lawsuit [H20] arising from a commercial transaction “shall be allowed a reasonable attorney’s fee to be set by the court.”
  • “The magistrate court’s decision to cap the award of attorney’s fees at the amount in dispute was an abuse of discretion.”
  • “Therefore, we reverse the district court’s decision affirming the magistrate court, vacate the district court’s award of attorney’s fees to Farm Supply, and
  • remand with instructions to the district court to determine an appropriate award of attorney’s fees to H2O incurred on intermediate appeal.”


Obviously, Judge Schroeder doesn’t’ much give a damn how many times his decisions are reversed since he well knows that no judge in Idaho has ever been removed from the bench for being a moron. And moreover, he isn’t concerned with the costs incurred by Idaho taxpayers to correct his ignorant behavior.


As we speak (ca. November 2019), Bruce continues to sit as a Seventh Judicial District Court Judge in Idaho Falls, Idaho.


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