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Donald Trump: signs Executive Order that GOP presidents can’t by guilty of criminal conduct


In a laughable attempt to exonerate himself from being criminal prosecuted, The Great Leader has decided to emulate the statement of Richard Nixon as set forth below.


"When the president does it, that means it is not illegal."


Several anonymous and unreliable sources have reported that The Great Leader has or is in the process of signing an executive order that will pronounce that no GOP president can be charged with or investigated for engaging in any criminal conduct or activity.


The executive order does not exclude any Democrat from being prosecuted and/or investigated for criminal misdeeds committed prior to being elected or while President.


The specific crimes that a Republican President cannot be charged with in accordance with The Great Leader’s Executive order are as follows.

  • Bribery and Extortion such as putting the arm on the Ukrainian president
  • Campaign finance felonies such as making payoffs to Porn Stars
  • Perjury or making false statements to FBI investigators
  • Making false statements to Congress
  • Disclosing Secret Classified information
  • Filing fraudulent State and Federal Tax returns
  • Engaging in money laundering
  • Insurance and Bank Fraud

According to The Great Leaders Executive Order, all the above crimes can and will be prosecuted against alleged criminals such as Hillary Clinton.


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