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Donald “Trumporleone” Trump: Today’s “Moronic Narcissist” Award Winner


In an ongoing scheme to cement his status as America’s Premier Moron and Narcissist, The Great Leader decided to once again comment on the ongoing impeachment inquiry. In doing so, he made the following moronic comments as additional red meat for his low I.Q. followers during a recent (ca. October 2019) political rally in South Carolina.

  • "Here’s the thing. I don’t have teams [defenders v. impeachment inquiry].”
  • “Everyone’s talking about teams. I’m the team.”
  • “I did nothing wrong.”

The Great Leader continued with his moronic comments by saying:

  • "I will say this: If anything ever happened with this phony witch hunt that the Democrats are doing.”
  • “I really believe you’d have a recession, depression the likes of which this country hasn’t seen."

So, here we have the Moron claiming that if he were impeached that depression worse than the Great Depression of the early 1920s that caused Wall Street investment gurus to jump to their deaths.


This asinine claim would be akin to Detroit Lion quarterback Matthew Stafford stating that if he were traded it would result in the Lions inability to win their second Super Bowl.


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