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Former Sen. Trent Lott: Today’s “Rodney Dangerfield” Award Winner

Congratulations to….
U.S. Sen. Trent Lott
Today’s “Rodney Dangerfield” Award Winner
On Hardball with Chris Matthews on March 13, 2012, former U.S. Senator Trent Lott was shown a recent poll that found 52% of Mississippians belived that Obama was a Muslim while another 36% said they weren’t sure.
After the poll was shown to Sen. Lott, Mathews asked him to respond. In an obvious effort to cement his status as an aspiring comedian, Trent said that Mississippians wouldn’t care that Obama an African-American, I’m sorry, I mean was a Muslin when voting for the next president in November.
This was Trent’s second try at comedy. While speaking at Sen. Strom Thurmond’s 100th birthday party Trent said, “When Strom Thurmond ran for president, we voted for him. We’re proud of it. And if the rest of the country had followed our lead [Mississippi], we wouldn’t have had all these problems over the years, either.” I’m sure y’all know what problems Trent was speaking of, right?
Trent’s first attempt at comedy took place in 1962 when he led the effort at the national conference of the Sigma Nu fraternity to defeat the Civil Right s era amendment proposed by the Stanford chapter to end mandatory racial exclusion by the fraternity. Lott’s side prevailed 215 to 76, which led Stanford’s chapter to secede from the fraternity.
If any of y’all believe that Obama will win the vote in Mississippi in November, then I suspect your I.Q. is lower than the legal speed limit in a school zone.
Congrats Trent; keep up the good work! We should let everyone know of your amazing record as an aspiring standup comedian; you are far too humble.
The Dawg~
Folsom, California

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