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Donald “Trumporleone” Trump: Today’s “Crybaby Tippy Toe” Award Winner


Immediately after Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi announced that the House was now going to perform a impeachment inquiry of The Great Leader, he went on to further prove that he’s a Raving Lunatic and Despotic Liar.


During a tweet storm on at 8:55 am on September 28, 2019, The Great Leader said:

  • "Can you imagine if these Do-Nothing Democrat Savages, people like Nadler, Schiff, AOC Plus 3, and many more, had a Republican Party who would have done to Obama what the Do Nothings are doing to me."
  • "Oh well, maybe next time!"

Calling Reps. Adam Schiff (CA) and Jerry Nadler “savages” takes hyperbolic (BS) slander to new and yet unseen levels. According to Theasurus.com, a savage is a barbarian, uncultured, primordial, bestial, nonliterate, ravenous


FYI and especially for Rufus and Delbert, the above synonyms for savage have the following meanings.

  • Primordial = primitive, prehistoric
  • Uncultured = ignorant, vulgar, crass, rude
  • Nonliterate = untrained, untamed, uncivilized, childlike
  • Ravenous = greedy, predatory, covetous (grabby)
  • Bestial = depraved, cruel, brutish, boorish

Now folks, is there anyone out there that has an I.Q. in the high nineties and above that doesn’t agree that the above named synonyms are a total match for the demeanor and conduct of The Great Leader?


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