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Is the Judicial Industry's  self-discipline of judges a joke?


This ol’ Dawg has been investigating Judicial Misfits for nearly 15 years. If the examples below don’t convince you this self-policing is laughable, then I don’t what will.
Over the past 15 years, I have reviewed thousands of cases involving the egregious misconduct of Judicial Misfits. That ongoing investigation involved Judicial Misfits from the good ol’ U S of A, Canada, United Kingdom, Philippines, India, Greece, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand and as far away as Outer Mongolia.




In addition, I have spent untold thousands of hours reviewing evidence of judicial corruption and/or gross misfeasance provided to me via email from thousands of victims throughout the world. And let me tell ya what folks, the horror stories I’ve reviewed over the years resulting from the outrageous (unspeakable in some instances) from our so-called esteem judiciary is not only appalling, but in many instances heartbreaking to the nth degree.
Our judiciary set up apologetic judicial commissions to receive and investigate complaints of misconduct. These commissions are nothing more than window-dressing and are in business for the sole purpose of acting as hybrid enablers and apologists for the Judicial Industry. Members of these investigative commissions are dominated by judges and/or attorneys who are beholding to the judiciary for their livelihoods. Does that sound like an unbiased group to you folks?
The anemic results of meting out meaningful discipline by these impotent and biased commissions is laughable is appalling. By packing the commissions with enablers and apologists for the Judicial Industry, judicial misfits were guaranteed that they would likely never be made to answer for their egregious misconduct.  
What da ya think would be the outcome if legislation were passed in California or Texas for that matter mandating that jurors sitting on cases involving child molesters were limited to convicted pedophiles? Ya think the conviction rate might be miniscule or nonexistent? Need I say more?
Below are but a few, and I mean a few examples of the favored treatment provided to Judicial Misfits adjudged guilty of engaging in egregious misconduct by our exalted and clearly unbiased judicial commissions.
  • Physical contact with a females breasts – complimentary reprimand
  • Calling African-Americans niggers – complimentary reprimand
  • Perjuring oneself 36 times – complimentary reprimand
  • Theft of public funds – complimentary reprimand
  • Calling Jews “heebs,” Latinos “spics,” – complimentary reprimand
  • Repeated civil rights violations – complimentary reprimand
  • Referring to females as cunts, whores, bitches – complimentary reprimand
  • Repeatedly appearing in court dead-drunk – complimentary reprimand
  • Sexual abuse of court staff for 30 years – complimentary reprimand
I could on and on and on, but if the examples above do not persuade you that this system is not only bankrupt, then I give up. What’s even more disgusting is that you (that’d be the taxpayers) fund these useless judicial commissions.
And lastly, these impotent commissions operate in secret. There excuse for so acting is that it would might reflect badly on the integrity of the judiciary (what integrity?) if the public were allowed to know just what in the hell their up to. They have no qualms about billing the public to operate these useless commissions; however, they have the chutzpah to assert that it ain’t any of the public’s damn business on the manner in which they operate. 
These folks give a bad name to secrecy as practiced by the Mafia (aka, Omerta) if ya know what I mean.
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