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Today’s Public Offiical Misfit is State Rep. Derrick Smith of Chicago

Derrick Smith has had his significant snout firmly implanted in the public trough for at least thirty years. Put simply, if it wasn’t for the public trough, Derrick would have been forced to actually work for a living.
In 2011, Gov. Pat Quinn was duped into appointing Derrick as a state representative in the Illinois Assembly.
After his appointment by Gov. Quinn, it didn’t take long for Derrick to prove he was just another crooked Chicago politician. In early March 2012 (one week before Election Day),  federal agents arrested Derrick and charged him with bribery for accepting $7,000 in cash for his support of a $50,000 state grant a day car center was seeking.
Derrick the Dufus didn’t realize that he was actually dealing with an under-cover informant when he made arrantgments to accept the $7,000 bribe. In fact, the Dufus wrote an official letter of support for the $50,000 day care grant.
Derrick told the informant he wanted the $7,000 in cash, which led to a meeting in Derrick’s car where the informant handed over seventy $100 bills.
Since bribery is an Olympian Sport in Chicago, it will be interesting to see what Derrick’s punishment will be once he convicted.
If I was the sentencing judge, I’d order that Derrick be assigned to cell no. 306 at Leavenworth so that he’d be roomed up with Clarice (real name is Clarence). At least Chicagoans can take comfort in knowing that Derrick's going to get it in the end.



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