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Rev. Pat Robertson announces his support for BJs

First and foremost folks, we ain’t talking about Rev. Robertson supporting BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse.
During a recent showing on the 700 Club, the issue of oral sex came up for discussion. While co-host Kristi Watts appeared to be somewhat overwhelmed by the inquiry regarding oral sex in the context of marriage, Rev. Pat wasn’t taken aback.
“The Bible doesn’t make that sinful, Patty said. “The question is: What’s in your hand, I’m sorry, what’s in your heart.”
Rev. Pat endorsed oral sex if it’s a sign of love and compassion between two married people.
“It’s a question of what is in your mind,’ Patty said. “If you feel it’s a sin – its sin.”
Is this like cool or what? We now have Rev. Pat supporting blow jobs and the legalization of merry-wanna.
What can we expect from Liberal Patty in the future? I’m thinking he just might go off the reservation and announce his support for gay rights. Just kiddin’!
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