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Trump announces remake of “All in the Family”


Several unreliable and anonymous sources have reported that The Great Leader is negotiating with the Fox News Comedy Network to produce a remake of “All in the Family.” In doing so, The Great Leader has indicated that the following folks will be substituting for the original cast and/or guests that appeared on the show from 1971 thru 1976.


The new cast members and anticipated list of guests making appearances on the show are as follows.

  • Donald Trump: Plays role of Archie Bunker (Carrol O’Connor)
  • Kellyanne Conway: Plays role of Gloria Stivic (Sally Struthers)
  • Melania Trump: Plays role of Edith Bunker (Jean Stapleton)
  • Dr. Ben Carson: Plays role of Richard Lawson as angry black man
  • Ivanka Trump: Plays role of Helen Page Camp as a Nun
  • Jared Kushner: Plays role of Al Mancini as a pickpocket
  • Tom Price former Secretary Health & Human Services: Plays role of Bill Pierson as a Wino
  • VP Mike Pence: Plays role of Clyde Kusatsu as Rev. Chong
  • Sean Spicer former White House Press Secretary: Plays role of Michael Stivic (Rob Reiner)

And lastly, The Great Leader has instructed his cast of fulltime bootlickers and sycophants that 98% of all advertising proceeds for the show shall be paid directly to the Donald, Donald Jr., and Eric Trump Criminal Defense Fund. The other 2% will be set aside for future bribes to silence women that The Great Leader has screwed or anticipates screwing prior to the November 2020 presidential election.


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