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Judge Andrew Adams of Jeffersonville, IN; charged with felony battery


The State of Indiana presented Andrew Adams with a law license in 1993 after he graduated from the University of Indiana School of Law.


In one matter, Andy was involved in an altercation and shootout at a White Castle parking lot in Indianapolis. As a direct consequence of his conduct, he was indicted along with two other men, Alfredo Vazquez and Brandon Kaiser, who were suspects in the altercation.


All three were charged with several counsel of misdemeanor and felony battery. Adam is accused of hitting and wrestling with Vazquez and kicking Kaiser. Kaiser was alleged to have shot both judges and is charged with battery with a deadly weapon and carrying a handgun without a license.


The Indiana Commission on Judicial Qualifications filed an immediate request for Adams’ suspension, according to a press release. Indiana court rules require suspension with pay when judges are charged with felonies. Temporary judges have been appointed in Clark County to handle cases. (Debra Cassens Weiss)


This so-called suspension with pay (aka, paid vacation) means Adam will continue to receive his annual $142,840 salary. This will allow him to receive $2,747 per week while he whiles away his time golfing or fishing.


Who was the moron that said "crime doesn't pay?"


And lastly, all that remains now is to see how long it takes Adam to cop a plea in order to reduce the amount of time he’ll spend in jail or prison.


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