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Donald “Trumporleone” Trump whines about MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch


In keeping with his childish conduct in crying every time somebody speaks the truth about what a Lying Loser he is, The Great Leader once again set out to prove he’s America’s Premier Whiny Bitch.


In this instance, The Great Leader feigned outrage at Donny Deutsch for saying that “impeachment” should be “rebranded” as the Trump criminal investigations.” Deutsch went on to say:

  • “He [Trump] is a criminal.”
  • “He’s a despicable human being.”

In response to Deutsch’s statement about rebranding, The Great Leader spewed out the following laughable tweets.

  • “CNN’s Erin Burnett begged him [Trump] to put Deutsch on his TV show The Apprentice, but I turned them down.”
  • “Little Donny Deutsch is a total loser.”
  • “Little @DonnyDeutsch, whose show, like his previous shoebiz tries, is a disaster, has been saying that I had been a friend of his.”
  • “This is false.”
  • “He, & separately @ErinBurnett, used to BEG me to be on episodes of the Apprentice (both were bad), but that was it.”
  • “Hardly knew him.”
  • “When he makes statements about me, they are made up, he knows nothing!”

Hopefully, one of The Great Leader’s reliable Sycophants provided him with a sufficient number of dry towels for his use while he way crying about Donny Deutsch’s truthful statements about him.


As usual, when someone that he knew pretty well in the past comes along and tells the truth about what a piece of crap he really is, The Great Leader spews forth the same song that “I don’t know the person” or “I hardly knew him/her.”


And lastly, I suppose when Melania writes a tell all about him after he’s ousted from the White house and she likely divorces him, The Great Leader will likely say, “I hardly knew the broad.”


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