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Wanna bomb Iran? Then reinstitute and reconstitute the Draft!

In an effort to portray themselves as tough guys in regards to Iran, Republican Presidential candidates other than Ron Paul support bombing Iran. These warmongers are supported by several mealy-mouthed right wing radio talk show hosts such as Sean Hannity.
Of course the mere act of bombing Iran would very likely lead to more troops on the ground. Put simply, it would likely turn into another Iraq.
None of these cheerful warmongers, and/or or there cheerleaders such as Hannity have ever served their country in the military. In fact, I’m not aware that any of there children, those known or unknown to them have ever served in the military.
If and when a war breaks out with Iran we should reinstitute the draft. And this time we should reconstitute it to make sure it is genuinely fair. Fairness to me means that those Americans who have financially benefited the most from our form of government should be the first to be drafted.
Put simply, the sons of billionaires would go first followed by multi-millionaires and so forth. I’m sure the draft quota could be met by the time we got down to the children of families earning $2 to 3 million.
Now, if the draft was changed as aforementioned, do any of y’all actually think that the billionaires and millionaires that really run this country would allow the next president to initiate a pre-emptive war with Iran or any other country?
I’m not suggesting that we don’t have the right to defend ourselves as we did when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. However, what we certainly don’t need is another BS war like we had in Iraq.
Lastly, please no nasty emails from billionaires or millionaires, since I did serve my country and did so in a war zone.
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