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Sequel of “The Last King of Scotland” to star Donald “Trumporleone” Trump


DNA Films and in association with Film 4 have announced the production of a sequel to the 2006 hit movie “The Last King of Scotland” that will star The Great Leader in the role of Nicholas Garrigan, the young Scottish doctor who travel to Uganda to become the personal physician of President Idi “Finger licking Good” Amin.


To give an air of authenticity to the sequel, director Kevin Macdonald’s replacement Rush “The Doper” Limbaugh announced that The Great Leader was delighted to discover that he would be required to perform in Black Face in his portrayal of Oscar winner Forest Whitaker.


After some wrangling between The Great Leader and producers Charles Steel, Lisa Bryer and Andrea Calderwood regarding the naming of the sequel, the producers grudgingly agreed to rename the film “The Last King of America.”


The supporting cast as dictated by The Great Leader in consultation with Vladimir Putin is as follows:

  • Omarosa Manigault Newman in Kerry Washington role as Kay Amin, Idi’s wife
  • Rudy Giuliani in Simon McBurney role as Nigel Stone
  • Sheriff Joe Arpaio in full Black Face in David Oyelowo role as Dr. Junju
  • Judge Jeannine Pirro in Gillian Anderson’s role as Sarah Merit
  • Mike Pence in James McAvoy role as Dr. Nicholas Garrigan
  • Sean Hannity in full Black Face in Daniel Ssettaba role as Kay Amin servant

Release of the film is tentatively scheduled for October 22, 2019. Profits from the film are to be contributed to a charity dedicated to paying criminal defense fees on behalf of The Great Leader and his three adult children.


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