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State Rep. Terri Collins (R-AL): Today’s “Screwball” Award Winner


Terri succeeded in duping the voters in Alabama into electing her as a Member of the Alabama House of Representatives from the 8th District.


Terri is well-known and highly disrespected right-wing kook and religious zealot who believes she has an absolute right to ride roughshod over the productive rights of women in Alabama.


In April 2019, Terri sponsored Bill 314 that made abortion a Class A felony, which carries a maximum prison sentence of 99 years, and attempted abortion a Class C felony, which holds a sentence of up to 10 years in prison. This asinine and clearly unconstitutional law makes no exceptions for rape or incest.


In support of her asinine legislation, Terri the Loon said:

  • “It simply criminalizes abortion.”
  • “It would provide a vehicle to revisit the constitutionally-flawed Roe v. Wade decision.”

Terri and her fellow lunatic comrades have compared abortion to the Holocaust and the Rwandan Genocide. This comparison is further proof that Terri and her comrades are Raving Lunatics who are happy to cause the taxpayers in Alabama to spends hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars to litigate this unconstitutional law.


It is painfully clear that Terri knows her legislation is unconstitutional; however, she is pinning her hopes that the Supreme Court that is now made up with two appointees by Trump, including Brett “I like Beer” Kavanaugh will vote to overturn Roe v. Wade. She readily admitted this fact when she told a reporter for WKRG that her legislation would provide “a vehicle to revisit the constitutionally-flawed Roe v. Wade decision.


It surely would have been nice and construed as a civic duty had Terri’s mother opted for an abortion. If she had, we wouldn’t be subject to having this kook in an official governmental position to try and force her moronic views on everyone else.


And lastly, as it relates to a woman’s right to choose, I’m in full support of what my late father said many years ago, which is:


“If I didn’t impregnate the woman, its none of my damn business.”


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