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Judge Warrant Walton of Raton, NM; ethical goblin


The Judicial Standards Commission found Judge Walton guilty of the following misconduct.

  • Engaged in illegal ex parte (one-sided) conversation with represented party in a case then pending before Judge Walton
  • During ex parte communication advised the defendant that his attorney had not done her job well in representing him, had not gotten him a good deal [basically accusing the attorney of being incompetent]
  • Instructed the defendant to not tell anyone about his ex parte communications with anyone else
  • Failed to recuse himself from cases wherein he engaged in illegal ex parte communications with defendants in cases that were pending before him
  • Failed to advise defense counsel and/or prosecutors of his ex parte contacts with various defendants
  • Circulated among jury members in a case that he was forced to recuse
  • After speaking ex parte to defendant’s father, improperly cancelled a bench warrant for the son
  • Schedule sham show cause hearing on defendant’s alleged failure to appear for a hearing when the actual purpose was to discuss scheduling matters with the prosecutor and defense attorney
  • Granted blanket continuances on numerous hearings based solely an ex parte e-mail from a New Mexico State Police Officer when the cases were not identified by case number or by name
  • Granted prosecution’s motion for continuance of a trial without conferring with defense counsel on the matter

As a direct consequence of his misconduct, the enablers for Attorney Misfits sitting on the New Mexico Supreme Court punished Stevie

by gifting him with a complimentary 3-week suspension from the bench.


As we speak (ca. May 2019), Stevie continues to sit as a judge of the Colfax County Magistrate Court in Raton, New Mexico.  


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