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Donald Trump Jr.: Today’s “Daddy’s Whiny Lapdog” Award Winner


This isn’t the first Award presented to Junior. In the past, he has been the recipient of nine (9) Awards in various categories and the subject of one (1) opinion piece. Those awards and opinion piece are listed at the end of this article and can be viewed by going to the listed categories.


In an ongoing effort to prove the adage that “the Turnip doesn’t fall far from the Tree” Junior decided to emulate his Daddy The Great Leader by telling another falsehood about Facebook was targeting free speech by naming a number of far-right, loony extremists who will no longer be able to use its platform to spew forth hate and outright lies.


In an Op-Ed piece published on the Breitbart Comedy Blog, Jr. decided to once again establish that he’s one of America’s Premier Morons and Serial Liars. These attributes give credence to the old saying, “The Bell Pepper doesn’t fall far from the Tree.”


To feed a little red meat to his and his Daddy’s intellectually feeble followers, Jr. made the following statements in his so-called Op-Ed piece.

  • “Even though Mueller’s investigation debunked the liberal conspiracy theories about ‘collusion’ and ‘obstruction,’ it did accomplish a large part of what the Democrats were hoping for.”
  • “The attempted coup served as a constant distraction from the President’s policy agenda for nearly two years, cast a shadow over the 2018 midterm elections that helped Democrats take control of the House of Representatives and double-down on their obstructionist political strategy, and even took a few Republican scalps along the way.”

Evidence that Jr. is a Bumbling Moron is the fact that a “coup” is defined as “the violent overthrow or alteration of an existing government by a small group.” It is also known as a coup d'état of a dictator or in this instance The Great Leader.


So, what we have here is Jr. declaring that Mueller’s investigation was a “violent” attempt to dethrone The Great Leader. Only someone with an I.Q. just a tad higher than the legal speed limit in a school zone would believe anything Jr. and/or his Degenerate Daddy (DD) would say.

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