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Is there a better way to seek a job than viewing the Want Ads? 

I’m sure most folks who are unemployed spend a lot of time looking at the Want Ads in their local newspapers and/or on the Internet.
With high rates of unemployment, you can be assured that the competition is going to be very intense in regards to employers advertising in the Want Ads.
If you’re looking for a sure fire method in looking for a job, forget the Want Ads and go to the “Obituary Pages.”
Most obits will tell you where the deceased was employed. Therefore, if he/she worked at the Jeep plant in Toledo, then there would definitely be a job opening, right? So, that’s where y’all would go if you lived in or around Toledo.
Obviously, the same would be true in your area as to deceased’s employer. Clearly, this scenario doesn’t apply when the deceased was already retired.
Good luck Boys and Girls! 
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