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Donald “Trumporleone” Trump sez: “Ivanka’s a piece of ass”

As evidence that he’s a pervert, misogynist, possible pedophile and maybe a wannabee incest aficionado, The Great


 Leader engaged in the following conversation with radio shock jock Howard Stern in late 2006.



“My daughter is beautiful.”


“By the way, your daughter…”


“She’s beautiful.”


“Can I say this? A piece of ass.”




Do you know of anyone in your family or a friend that talks about his daughter in this manner? And if you’re a self-proclaimed Christian, how in good conscience could you even consider voting for someone of this ilk?


Given the ease that The Don gave his approval to say that his daughter Ivanka was a “piece of ass” would likely leave most readers to believe that he may well be speaking from personal, hands on experience. In fact, the photos of The Don and Ivanka below give a rather new meaning the term “family man,” if you now what I’m saying.














Lastly, whether or not The Don practiced pedophilia in the past and/or engaged in incest is an open question, but given the facts and images above it surely paints a rather sordid picture of a man who has cheerfully admitted to “grabbing them by the pussy.”


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