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Justice Leif Thorsson of Stockholm, Sweden; convict, liar

During his tenure as a Justice of the Supreme Court of Sweden, Justice Leif Thorson was found guilty of the following conduct.
Justice Thorsson admitted to paying a 20-year old rent boy (that’s what they call a male prostitute in Sweden) for sex. Thorsson initially denied (lied) that he so acted. 
However, as is customary with lying judges, he later confessed he was guilty to avoid a criminal trial and thereby accepted a fine of $40,000 kronor ($5,743). 
Following the lead of his counterparts in the U.S., the Chancellor of Justice, Goran Lambertz ruled that Thorsson’s conduct did not deserve to be sanctioned. “But this decision does not mean that it’s OK for a judge to buy sex,” Lambertz told Swedish TV’s Rapport program.   “In my judgment the crime which he has admitted to does not reach that level (removal),” Lambertz said. 
Of course it doesn’t Goran Baby! It was only a criminal act, and why shouldn’t the Swedes have criminals judging their conduct, we do.
Anne Ramberg, general secretary of the Swedish Bar Ass’n, told Swedish Radio that Thorsson should resign. She went on to say, “The Supreme Court (Thorsson’s Court) tries this kind of crime, which the public considers being important, rather often, and there’s a danger that faith in the court will be eroded.” What faith?
Supreme Court Judge Bo Svensson’s Sick-Humor
When it appeared that Thorsson would continue to hear cases in court, the head of the court, Bo Svensson, told Dagens Nyheter that his colleague’s extra-curricular (buying sex) activity could be “an advantage.” 
Bo went on to comment that, “One could say he has a deeper knowledge of the subject.” Yeah Bo, he’s what we call a criminal!
Sideways move by Supreme Court
The Supreme Court moved Thorsson sideways (I’m not sure what in the hell that means), but he will be able to continue to sit on cases where the accused has broken the same law that he did. Is that cool or what?
The Swedish Association of Judges (aka, enablers) said Thorsson’s action was not only criminal but showed a severe lack of judgment from one of the most senior guardians of Swedish law. He’s a “guardian of Swedish law? Golly gee, isn’t that comforting to know?
World Bank Appointment
On May 12, 2005, the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (World Bank Affiliate) appointed Thorsson as a conciliator and mediator despite the fact that he’s a convicted criminal.
I could understand if Thorsson was appointed as a mediator to mediate disputes that arise on occasion between prostitutes and their clients. Clearly, he’s well qualified in this area of dispute resolution.
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