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Donald “Trumporleone” Trump’s rendition of “Now I lay me down to sleep”


After his lead criminal defense lawyer was outed for lying like a dirty dog when he authored his 4-page memo followed by his scripted news conference on April 18, 2019, falsely portraying The Great Leader as being fully exonerated by the Mueller report, The Great Leader became quite depressed and was unable to fall asleep after down several Big Macs, 2 large fries and a 2 Super-sized Cokes.


To try and help him get a good night sleep, the Whitehouse Chief of Staff Sean Hannity advised The Great Leader to rewrite the tune of “Now I lay me down to sleep,” and read it aloud to himself over and over until he falls asleep. The Great Leader acceded to Hannity’s advice and rewrote the song, which is as follows.


Now I lay me down to sleep

Count my lies instead of sheep

Eat my Big Macs, turn out the light

But I just lay and curse all night.


Now I lay me down to cry

Pray the Lord that I might lie

But each morning I awake

I listen to Melania’s heart break


If only I could sleep at night

I'd dream that Stormy would hold me tight

But I can't dream, and I can't sleep

So, I just lay me down to weep


Sleep won't help with serial lies

And my poor heart just can't realize

That now I’m in another's keep [Leavenworth]

So, I'll just lay me down to weep


After he no longer hearing any singing or chanting, Hannity creeped into the bedroom, removed The Great Leader’s socks and drawers and gently placed a pink fleeced blanket over him.


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