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Trump’s Chief Criminal defense attorney Bill Barr agrees to $550 per hour fee


During his audition for the job as Attorney General to replace Jeffrey Beauregard Sessions, William “Billy Boy” Barr submitted a 17-page memo to the Justice Department that can best be described as a Trump Ass-Kissing Screed. In this memo, Billy Boy laughingly asserted that a president could not be guilty of obstruction of justice since he oversaw the executive branch of the government.


Billy Boy’s Ass-Kissing bore fruit in that it led to his appointment to two important positions. First, he was appointed as the U.S. Attorney General. Second, he was hired as The Great Leader’s lead criminal defense attorney.


Billy Boy’s government salary is $210,000 plus a Cadillac style health insurance coverage. After several hours negotiating with The Great Leader over his rate as chief criminal defense counsel while he was downing several Big Macs while lounging in bed, Billy Boy accepted an offer of $550 an hour plus one round of free golf at Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach, Florida.


At first Billy Boy was reluctant to accept The Great Leader’s offer of $550 an hour without him putting up some collateral to assure that he would be paid. The Great Leader’s history of stiffing his prior attorneys weighed heavily on Billy Boy’s acceptance of The Great Leader’s offer.


To seal the deal and to assuage Billy Boy’s concerns about getting paid, The Great Leader agreed to provide at no costs to Billy Boy, a two-year supply of Industrial Strength Preparation H and monthly colonoscopies performed by amateur proctologist Rudy Giuliani

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