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Former Judge Ronald Bodenheimer of New Orleans; criminal, convict

During his insignificant tenure on the bench in New Orleans Judge Ronald Bodenheimer was tossed off the bench after being found guilty of the following criminal conduct.
Ronnie (aka, the Fixer) and two of his chums were indicted for fixing the child custody case of multimillionaire Al Copeland (aka, the Big Tuna) in hopes that the Fixer would land a lucrative shrimp contract with the Tuna’s restaurants. 
The Fixer and Big Tuna’s business attorney, Bryan White, along with mutual friend Phil Demma (aka, the Chums) discussed the appointment of the custody matter to a guardian ad litem and social worker (whores) who were friendly with the Fixer and who could be relied on to protect the Big Tuna’s interests.
FBI taps on the Fixer’s phone show that after ruling in favor of the Big Tuna, he asked Tuna’s chum (attorney), “How’d I do?” The Chum said, “My man … that’s exactly what he wanted … Score, scoring big points.” In street lingo, the Fixer got an A+ for sucking up!
The Fixer appointed his former law partner George Hesni II as guardian ad litem to look out for his and the Big Tuna’s interests. After the Fixer was indicted, Hesni resigned. I wonder why!
Big Tuna’s wife was outraged and said, “My main concern is the welfare of my son and I hope that justice will finally prevail.” Take my advice honey, don’t hold your breath!
Big Tuna said he didn’t know nuttin about the seafood contracts, and denied there was anything “fishy” about the Fixer’s rulings in his favor even though the facts and law did not support his rulings.
Eventually the Fixer was sentenced to 3 years and 10 months in prison and ordered to pay a $50,000 fine for taking bribes from a bail bondsman, scheming to plant drugs on an FBI informant and for fixing a custody case.
Ronnie apparently graduated scum laude from the Huey Long School of Ethics located at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge.
It is rumored that the Fixer has taken advantage of the educational opportunities offered in the joint and has utilized them to secure a job with FEMA. His boss at FEMA apparently said “You’re doing a great job Ronnie.”
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