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Attorney A.P. “Pete” Fuller of Rapid City, SD; misogynist, bully

From about 2004 through 2011, Pete Fuller was a 7th Circuit Court Judge in Rapid City, South Dakota area.
From the time Pete ascended to the bench in 2004 he was hell-bent on proving that he was a Muammar Gaddafi Wannabee.
Courtroom personnel in Fall River, Shannon and Custer counties began complaining about Pete’s abusive conduct beginning in 2004.
Finally in 2011, the Judicial Commission filed misconduct charges against the Dishonorable A.P. “Pete” Fuller.” Some of those charges are as follows:
  • Used obscene references to describe juveniles who appeared in court
  • Flipped the bird at attorney in the courtroom
  • Wore a high heels, I’m sorry I mean a powdered wig on Halloween in juvenile court
  • Accused Rapid City police officers as a “bunch of racists”
  • Said in the courtroom, “That’s where I hang my Indians”
  • Repeatedly engaged in improper ex parte communications
  • Told a law student that “the legal profession was better off before women”…and that he wished things could back to the way they were in the early 20th century
Numerous prosecutors and law enforcement officers refused to have cases they were involved in heard by Pete the Bully.
Pete’s Hyperbolic (BS) Defense
Knowing he faced removal from the bench, Pete asked the South Dakota Supreme Court to allow him to stay on the bench.
In trying to persuade the court to not sack him, Pete said that during the six months he’s been suspended, he has received counseling to deal with anger issues and the way he treats people. Clearly, Pete missed his calling as a standup comedian, right?
Subsequently, Pete was given the choice of retiring or being removed from the bench. Pete opted to retire and go back to practicing law.
As we speak (ca. Jan 2012) Pete is practicing his brand of law in the Rapid City area.
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