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Donald Trump about to issue order for remake of Mount Rushmore

As America’s Premier Narcissist, Serial Sexual Harasser/Assaulter, and Degenerate Liar, The Great Leader is in the process of issuing an Executive Order for a remake of the makeup of the Presidents on Mount Rushmore (source: anonymous, unreliable source)


Because of his deep-seated love for himself and claimed sexual prowess, The Great Leader will first order that the sculptures of Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt and George Washington be removed. According to comments by The Great Leader to several of his Sycophants, these four losers will be replaced by five (5) sculptures.


The Great Leader has chosen the new additions to Mount Rushmore to celebrate and cement his status as America’s Premier Lady’s Man. Those sculptures will be as follows.

  • Donald “Trumporleone” Trump – middle sculpture
  • Third Trophy wife Melania Trump – farthest right sculpture
  • Porn Star Stormy Daniels – immediate right of The Great Leader
  • Playboy Model Karen McDougal – immediate left of The Great Leader
  • First Trophy wife Ivana Trump – farthest left sculpture


The costs for this remodeling job will come from an assessment of a 55% personal income tax surcharge on every Democrat member of the U.S. Senate and Congress and every left-wing millionaire/billionaire in Hollywood, Boston, San Francisco and Austin, Texas beginning with the 2019 tax year.


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