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Are Right-to-Work laws fair to Unions and dues paying members?

Right to work laws prohibit agreements between labor unions and employers that make union membership and payment of union des a condition of employment. Put simply, it means an employee at a unionized GM factory in Arlington, Texas, Shreveport, Louisiana or Fairfax, Kansas could refuse to pay monthly union dues, which were $952 in 2010.
For the life of me I can’t understand how in the hell an employee who refuses to pay union dues is entitled to the wages and benefits that the Union obtained via negotiating with the company.
If this system was truly fair, then any employee of a unionized factory should be forced to negotiate his/her own hourly wages and benefits with the company. He/she certainly isn’t entitled to enjoy the fruits that came about as a result of dues paid by his/her coworkers, right?  If he/she can negotiate a better outcome so be it. I’m sure that wouldn’t be the case, right?
If enjoying the fruits of something you never paid for is fair and equitable, then why wouldn’t the following also be fair and equitable in regards to company paid benefits for executive types in regards to annual dues to belong to the Red Hook Golf Club in Red Hook New York?
  • Annual dues for a family is $3,800
  • Company pays 50% or $1,900 of an executive’s annual dues
  • Several executives refuse to pay anything in dues to the Club
  • The CEO orders that even if an employee refuses to pay his/her share of the annual dues; the company will pay 100% thereby allowing all employees to enjoy full membership benefits at Red Hook
Can you imagine how much the executives paying $1,900 in membership dues would be howling at the CEO? Of course in the real world, whether were dealing with corporate executives or dues paying union workers, nobody is entitled to a ‘free lunch.”
In truth, right to work laws are solely intended to (a) destroy unions and (b) to depress wages for the working class. It’s that simple Boyz and Girls!
And lastly, of the 23 right-to-work states, all 11 of the Old Confederacy states are members of this group where wages are among the lowest in the nation. Those states are Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia.
When will the hardworking folks in these states wake up and realize that they are being sacrificed at the alter of “Corporate Profit and Greed”? For the most part the Republican governors of these states are beholding to corporate interests like the Koch Brothers and/or Bob “The Builder” Perry of Houston. Put simply, their services have been bought and paid for!
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