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Family Values Kingfish Paul Stanley – victimized by loose woman



Tennessee state senator Paul Stanley joins the litany of moralizing, family values, bible-thumping hypocrites (is there another kind?) like Senator John Ensign and David Vitter who have been busted for engaging in illicit, out-of-wedlock affairs. Every time I read about one of these preverts, I latch onto my CD player and play that ol” tune by Queen, “Another one bites the dust.”

Just like his fellow adulterers, Paul Stanley felt he could dupe the voters into believing he truly was a family values, born again Christian by trotting out his wife and kiddies as evidence. And just like his kindred-sprits John Ensign and David Vitter, Paulie Baby was actually screwing another woman while falsely portraying himself as Tennessee’s Poster Boy for monogamous relationships. I must admit that Paul's wife is quite attractive as are his daughter and son.
Unlike Senator John Ensign’s parents, Paulie’s parents declined to intervene on his behalf by paying off (aka, bribing) Ms. McKenzie and her husband with some cash for their silence. However, to prove he was a true capitalist in every sense of the word and an aspiring entrepreneur, Ms. McKenzie’s husband demanded $10,000 from Paulie to remain silent about this illicit affair, a rather paltry sum when compared to the $90,000 senator Ensign’s parents paid to his paramour and her family, right?
As news of the illicit affair broke, Paulie called himself “a victim.” (Sacramento Bee – 8/4/09)? This certified louse, loser, adulterer, and pathological liar has the chutzpah to claim he was being victimized. I see, so when Paulie aggressively seeks to have an adulterous affair with an intern, he becomes the victim. This BS claim is analogous to the late Jeffrey Dahmer claiming he was repeatedly victimized by his dinner guests.
In his resignation letter posted on his legislative web site, Paulie said, “I humbly ask, not for my sake, but for theirs, to respect my wife and children’s privacy…” Well, Paulie let me tell ya what, you’re the one that “disrespected your wife” when you decided to pork an intern.
Paulie then said, “Admitting failure is difficult but necessary if one expects to ever better themselves by allowing God to work his will in their life. Giving myself to Ms. McKenzie, I’m sorry, I mean to Him and rebuilding my family relationships are now the focus of my life.” Bear with me for a moment while I go to an adjoining room and fetch me a dry towel.
Paulie followed up this Bullshit by saying, “I firmly believe God’s standards are where they have always been. Just because I fell short of those standards, doe not negate the standard set by God.”
Personally folks, I’ve about had my fill of these born-again Christian hypocrites preaching about God as though they were endowed with superior morals. They also like to tell us that God has forgiven them; however to my knowledge none of them has ever provided us with a copy of an email, text message or fax from God making such a bold declaration. Hmmm, think these self-serving proclamations are just pure bunk?
I suppose it won’t be long before Paulie seeks total dispensation for his sins by visiting the C street complex in Washington D.C. While there he’ll likely join in with other well-respected family-values gurus like Senator Ensign, Senator Vitter, Gov. Mark Sanford and Rep. Chip Pickering for a prayer fest beseeching God’s forgiveness for his sins. Ex-Senator John Edwards won’t be invited to the prayer breakfast because God isn’t inclined to forgive left-wing adulterers, right?
As expected Paulie is another deluded despot that finds it convenient to attack gay people under the guise that they are engaged in illicit affairs. In Paulie’s demented and bigoted view, when he’s screwing the help it’s acceptable because he normally does it in the approved evangelical missionary style. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the biggest hypocrite of them all? It’s you Paulie, that’s who!
Even the right Reverend Ted Haggard was disgusted upon learning of Paulie's out-of-wedlock affair. When Reverend Teddy points his finger at you because he finds your conduct appalling, then your in a heap of trouble, right?

Paulie's Future Employment Prospects

Although its a given that Paulie's desire to gain employment as a greeter at the local Wal-Mart will likely not bear fruit; however since he's a lawyer, he shouldn't have any problem earning a dishonest living, right? And if that doesn't work out, and given Paulie's vast experience in the field of adultery, I'm sure the good hands folks at asheleymadison.com would be more than happy to offer him a helping hand by selling him a franchise so that he can properly educate aspiring adulters.
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