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Why do some Republicans despise Union Workers and Unions?

It‘s no secret that most Republican officeholders are hell-bent on ridding the country of Unions, and this of course includes the crop of clowns running for the Republican Presidential nomination.
I was raised in Toledo, Ohio and am intimately aware of the good, the bad and the ugly of Unions in the past. In the fifties and sixties, Toledo was a notorious Union town. My father, grandfather and all of my uncles were members of the AFL-CIO, Teamsters or the Skilled Trade Unions. In an earlier time, I was a member of the Teamster’s (Chief Union Steward at 22) and AFL-CIO in Toledo.
As a historical point (pay attention Newt), the unfortunate Auto-Lite strike in 1934 by the AFL, which left two strikers dead and more than 200 injured, left Toledo with a permanent black eye among prospective employers, a black eye that has never fully dissipated.
The Unions of yesteryear were infamous for instituting ridiculous work rules that hindered productivity and/or protected workers that didn’t deserve protection. Those days are gone! And rightfully so!
Unfortunately, Union busting has now become an Olympian sport among many Republican officeholders. This despite the fact that only 11.9% of the workforce is unionized (source: Bureau of Labor Statistics)
The top Union Busting Olympian Gold Medal contenders are: (1) Gov. Scott Walker –(R-WI) (2) John Kasich –(R-OH), (3) Gov. Mitch Daniels, Jr. –(R-IN) and (4) heavyweight contender Gov. Chris Christie –(R-OH).
In my personal opinion, the real agenda of the Governors aforementioned and those of their ilk is to permanently destroy all unions so as to eliminate their ability to make contributions to Democratic officeholders and/or those seeking such offices.
Success would result in American patriots like the Koch Brothers or Bob “The Builder” Perry of Houston being able to spend much less in purchasing the services of future officeholders.
It truly is unfortunate that most Republicans treat unions and their workers as pariahs. Of course most if not all of them have never really worked for a living like autoworkers, truck drivers, nurses, school teachers, and/or plumbers, etc.
I suppose if they succeed in destroying all the unions and then outlaw the minimum wage, they’ll be like really, really happy. It’d be the Gilded Age all over, right? That’d be like really cool right Mr. Koch?
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