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Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT): TodayRodney Dangerfield ComicAward Winner


This isn’t the first Award presented to Mikey. In the past, he has been the recipient of four (4) Awards in various categories. Those awards are listed at the end of this article and can be viewed by going to the listed categories.


FYI: Mikey is another loser attorney that decided to go into politics after learning how difficult it was to earn a dishonest living practicing law after he graduated in from Brigham Young University Law School. Therefore, he decided to go into the second most ethical profession (used car salesman No. 1), politics.  


During a recent (ca. late March 2019) comedy presentation on the Senate floor, Mikey decided to attack the so-called Green New Deal. In doing so, the Moronic Comic said:

  • “I rise today to consider the Green New Deal with the seriousness it deserves.”
  • “The only thing needed to combat climate changes is for Americans to fall in love and have more babies.”
  • “So what’s the best way to combat climate change? Babies.”
  • “The solution to climate change won’t be found in political posturing or virtue signaling”
  • “It won’t be found in the federal government at all.”
  • “You know where the solution can be found? ... In churches, in wedding chapels, in maternity wards across the country and around the world.”

One sure fire way to thoroughly defeat climate change per Mikey’s hyperbolic (BS) rant, would be for Congress to pass legislation to once again legalize bigamy in Utah and any other state that would like to help Mikey’s desire for more babies to combat Global Warming.


And if the good folks in Utah run out of men willing to impregnate the female populace, then Congress could offer males from other states a flat fee of say $3500 to $5000 per confirmed and successful pregnancy plus daily living costs and transportation to and from Salt Lake City.


I’m sure some do-gooders would whine that this would be a form of legal prostitution. Even if it is, its for the good of mankind to assure we eradicate the scourge of Global Warming.


And lastly, we should all give a special thanks to Mikey for coming up with a solid plan to combat Global Warming.


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